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  1. What happens when 600V is used for a 208V motor?

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I would post the smell here if i could. ha ha ha! One of the shop workers somehow jammed a 208V plug into a 600V outlet. Then somehow was able to rotate it and turn on the contactor! :surprise: we've had a meeting since then with the workers and plug safety - and if it doesn't fit, don't...
  2. Two and Three Phase Breaker Trip Occurences

    Services and Service Equipment
    I am working in industrial workshop. I am feeding 3 phase 480V to PDBs which feed into two 20A, 3ph breakers, as well as a 20a 2ph breaker. 3ph breakers feed power controllers and later 3ph heater systems down the line, while the 2ph feeds 24v motors/control system. I had an incident occur...
  3. 14-3 Home Runs From Panel

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Helping some friends with some interesting wiring on a 1970's house with recent renovation by non-contractors including some iffy electrical work; breaker box doesn't have a ton of cables in it for the size of the house, but the original install they used 14-3 instead of the traditional 14-2...
  4. 150 KVA Transformer(Unused, older) Kansas

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I just started an account here. If this is against the rules please let me know. I work for a local county agency and we purchased a 150 KVA transformer a few years ago and we never used it. It was purchased to go along with a generator in case the city lost power we could have a mobile...
  5. Simultaneous 3ph and 1ph from 3ph?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have machine that has both a 3ph 240v plug and a standard 1ph 120v plug that need to be simultaneously plugged in for powering it. I would like to tap into the 3ph connection that goes to the motor to get the 120v so that there is a single plug for the machine if possible. I am wondering...
  6. Single Phase Motor on 2 Phase

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I am installing a new compressor for a customer. His shop is 2-phase 5 wire (4 hot 1 neutral) but the new compressor is single phase. I mainly do commercial and light industrial work, but I have never come across 2 phase. Even though I sort of picked up on the basics I'm still unfamiliar with it...
  7. Hook up 480 piece of equipment with 208 service?

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I have a piece of equipment rated @ 480 and my service is a 208. I seem to remember a while ago I wired a bearing press that had a phase converter on it that allowed me to wire it 240 single phase even though the equipment was 3 phase. Is it possible to mount something (phase converter or...
  8. Ronk Rotoverter

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Any one interested in a brand new Ronk Electrical Rotary Converter Type 2/4C? I also have the electrical boxes that come with the converter when purchased new. Due to the weight of the unit I would prefer a local buyer in the southern CA area. I will ship via freight if the buyer agrees to...
  9. Bad Phase?

    Services and Service Equipment
    Has anyone seen or have insight into this issue: Our building is fed by a 3-phase wye shared neutral and sent to individual units as 120/208. On one of the phases the voltage will, about once a month, show individual issues such as: -On for 1 second, off for a second, on for a second, and...