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  1. Baby Sparky

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. My name is Brett and I am a new apprentice with Madison, Wisconsin, Local 159. I was recently hired by Pieper Power. Previously, I worked as a photovoltaic module installer and hold certificates from Century College in St. Paul, MN, in Solar Renewable Energy and Site Assessment. I...
  2. Backfeeding and amperage on PV system (and in general)

    General Electrical Discussion
    We just finished wiring a 7.5 KW PV system. The system feeds down into a locking disconnect then backfeeds into the system through a 240V breaker. We installed a type BR panel and beckfed through a 2-pole 30A breaker (considering the 7.5KW). The inspector wants the breaker locked down to the...
  3. Solar PV Installation in Ontario - Commercial 600V

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anybody w/experience installing a solar PV system in Canada/Ontario? I am talking about 10kW to 50 kW commercial w/600Vac. Are there any solar inverters (Xantrex, SatCon, others) with 600Vac output? Is it better to use an US-solar inverter for 480V with a transformer? Any help is appreciated...