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  1. PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Just wondering if I could get some help designing a plc program. i have been trying to create one but am struggling. 1 when up button is pressed the door will rise 2.when the stop button is pressed it must not override the limit switch. 3. if the door is stopped anywhere between limits it must...
  2. PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    To start, these are the PLC's in question: Micro 820 2080-LC20-20QBB MicroLogix 1100 1763-L16BBB x2 MicroLogix 1400 1766-L32AWA CompactLogix L27ERM-QBFC1B I am a little out of practice when it comes to networking these controllers so my questions are: Is it possible to connect these...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, in the next couple weeks I wanted try something different for myPLCtraining and see what people are wanting to learn related to PLC programming. Do you have a few minutes to fill out a quick survey and tell me about yourself and where you're trying to go with PLCs, etc? I'd really...
1-3 of 4 Results