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  1. Basic Electrical Question

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the field and trying to figure out a simple fact. Quite often, I am working in multi-residential buildings. These buildings typically have a switchgear with a nominal line voltage value of 208v or 600v (Ontario, Canada). As many of you know, within the switchgear...
  2. Autotransformer Inquiry

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, The other day I was making a few measurements on a step-up autotransformer. The transformer is rated 208v/230v on the primary side and 460v/480v on the secondary side. I was always taught that for step-up transformers the primary side is L.V and the secondary side is H.V. However...
  3. OESC/ESA Inquiry

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am new to the field and have a simple question. In Ontario, are you required to have an electrical license (Ex: 309A or 442A) to perform a temporary power shutdown at a commercial/multi-residential site? I am not the property owner. I am simply an electrical tech working for a...
  4. Power Shutdown

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have been scheduled to commence my first power shut down this upcoming week at a multi-residential property. I have witnessed a few shut downs before and seen the electricians "power shed" by shutting off all the loads individually before disconnecting the main breaker. However...
  5. Hydropower is really a renewable energy source ! Why

    Alternative Energy Forum
    So they all say hydropower is a renewable energy source. Hydropower is considered renewable energy (https://www.energy.gov/eere/water/how-hydropower-works Wiki classifies hydro as renewable: Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on...
  6. Inexperienced, looking for input.

    Lighting Design
    Hey guys, I have an issue I've been trying to figure out myself for quite a while now but can't seem to find a solution. I also havent had any professional schooling (other than like 1 electrical engineering course) and am otherwise just self taught. Here we go: Just for reference this has to...
  7. Two and Three Phase Breaker Trip Occurences

    Services and Service Equipment
    I am working in industrial workshop. I am feeding 3 phase 480V to PDBs which feed into two 20A, 3ph breakers, as well as a 20a 2ph breaker. 3ph breakers feed power controllers and later 3ph heater systems down the line, while the 2ph feeds 24v motors/control system. I had an incident occur...
  8. First Year apprentice help

    General Electrical Discussion
    Having a very difficult time trying to solve series parallel circuits. if someone could pm me and answer these questions for me for an answer key to verify my answers that would be amazing
  9. Is this the correct power supply for this computer equipment?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Good evening, I am no electrician but my basic understanding is that you can't use an item with a power supply that requires more amps than that stated on the power supply output rating. I purchased an item from a PC store and I don't think this power supply is right for the item? Pictures...
  10. Eastern interconnection power outage

    General Electrical Discussion
    If there happened to be a power outage of the ENTIRE Eastern Interconnection grid (which produces power for 75% of America), what kind of power surge could we expect upon restoration?
  11. Simultaneous 3ph and 1ph from 3ph?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have machine that has both a 3ph 240v plug and a standard 1ph 120v plug that need to be simultaneously plugged in for powering it. I would like to tap into the 3ph connection that goes to the motor to get the 120v so that there is a single plug for the machine if possible. I am wondering...
  12. Spike in Power Bill

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have been recently contacted by a customer who has been seeing large spikes in her power bill. She also has a GFCI that is giving her a problem. - She has contacted the power company to put in a request to come and check the meter. (I believe she also said the power company admitted her usage...
  13. Power for 3 motors

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hi guys, Im looking to connect power for 3 mixers all in one location. The first is 50 Hp the second is 5 and the third is 1/2 HP. All 3phase 600V. The building has a 100Amp service and a splitter I can tap off of. I have to run power 150 feet away from the splitter. Would it be better...
  14. Lithium Ion Batteries

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Hi, i have a few question about lithium ion batteries i have an idea and for it, i need a battery that can generate 2880 watts. Is there such a battery that i can buy with that much power? if not, is it possible if i put 5/10/30/etc batteries in series to create it?
  15. power theft detection/indecation

    General Electrical Discussion
    hi, I want to do a project on Power Theft Detection/Indication for which I've searched web much but I haven't found anything interesting and the circuits that I've got are also not a perfect one. Please help me in this aspect and the project may also include Micro controller. My aim is to do a...
  16. Power drops in middle of shop

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I have a client who is installing some machinery in the middle of his shop. 20' ceilings/steel structure. We're looking at a 3-phase 20A twist lock. I know I've seen SJO type cord in big box stores with strain relief that looks like fingercuffs for pulling big wire in pipe. I've never had to...
  17. How to Accurately Represent a Dc Motor and Power Supply as a Load

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am new to the electrical field and I am trying to figure out the best and/or easiest way to accurately represent a dc motor and AC to DC power source as a load. Shown below is a short description of the power system with the data that is available. Description goes from upstream to...
  18. see if power is restored with interlock kit?

    General Electrical Discussion
    How you one tell if power is restored when you're using an interlock kit? and you have no neighbors. only thing I could think of was a fuse, a switch, and a bell.
  19. speaker wire for power cables

    Code Violation Discussion
    I have a question, can you use 16 gauge stranded speaker wire (red and black) as a power cable for 24 volt power in a hospital? Would it pass code for Los Angeles, CA?
  20. Open Neutral and KWH usage

    General Electrical Discussion
    Last night the electrical company found an open neutral coming in. Range on one leg was 126v to 130v other 110v to 114v, would an open neutral cause higher usage of electric or higher KW usage?