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pvc conduit
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  1. Canadian Electrical Forum
    I have a friend looking to have a new feed ran to his garage for his future EV in Alberta. He is looking to run PVC underground from his house directly to his garage, and was previously suggested by someone to use 6/3 NMWU. Looking through the code now I'm not sure if it's possible to run NMWU...
  2. Code Violation Discussion
    I have an AHJ that is insisting I provide him with the manufacturers recommended torque specifications for the lock ring on a male PVC terminal adapter, or he will not allow it to be used. His position is that the lock ring can not be torqued to the manufactures specifications if those...
  3. NEC Code Forum
    I'm working with a photovoltaic system installation, and the open air wiring that needs to travel from modules to be collected at the inverters (mounted at the end of the rack). All the current-carrying wire is XLPE PV wire, and it is being used in a PVC conduit that is given a gap every...
1-3 of 3 Results