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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello fellow electricians and knowledgeable handymen. I have a client who would like a recessed receptacle put into his concrete pad. There is a 4 inch pipe in place to feed power in. I’m just hoping someone here might have done a project like this in the past and could offer some advice as well...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Im laying out 6" recessed lighting for an apartment. Using remodel cans in old plaster ceilings will be enough of a PITA, but I'm wondering what the best way to run into them. Being remodels, i guess its inevitable that ill need to run some amount of flex. Can I use a flex to EMT fitting at...
  3. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    What kind of recessed lights do you guys favor??? I have always used and like juno. Especially for old work. I have never had a problem with there 4" but as far as 5" I have stopped using juno and started using halo because of the trim. Juno 5" leaves a gap between the bulb and the trim and I...
  4. Lighting Design
    I am installing a 4" soffet (onto an existing ceiling), adding recessed lights in the soffet. The 6" HALO (H7ICAT) IC Air Tight cans are taller than the 4", requiring me to cut into the ceiling above the soffet. Unfortunately, the space above one of these lights is part of the return air for...
  5. Residential Electrical Forum
    Is it possible to install any kind of recessed lighting in a ceiling/roof construction of (from bottom to top) ceiling/roof decking (2x8 T&G), 5/8" plywood, 4-1/2" rigid foam, 1/2" denseboard, roofing membrane. We are reroofing a completely flat roof. The architectural style is exposed beams...
  6. General Electrical Discussion
    When you install these, do you bother using the supplied circular gasket with the peel back adhesive on it? I have never used them but was wondering where this piece goes and for what type of applications. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results