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  1. Voltage regulator for DC Generator

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I need a strong voltage regulator that is used to regulate the voltages coming out of a continuous DC generator. Four poles of high current currents that connect with the thermometer to output a 24 volt voltage to the load. Control by magnetic coil files controlled by an automatic voltage...
  2. Creating One Battery Backup - Delema

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm creating a UPS due to the fact there are non on the market that are small enough for our needed application. The final piece of the puzzle is integrating a voltage regulator, but not sure if it will drop 16v to 12v, as well as allow 12v to 12v when it switches to and from the batter...
  3. Use rheostat on DC power supply, 5V 200A

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, Quick question: can we use a rheostat on our 5v 200a DC Power supply? We're doing electroforming and would like to start our acid copper baths at 2V before we put a piece in the tank, and then turn it up to 5V once the piece is fully submerged. Can we regulate the powersupply with a...
  4. Generator wiring

    General Electrical Discussion
    A friend has a small diesel generator that he and I have been restoring. Its maybe 10 years old and looks like it is built to survive an atomic explosion. We got it up and running, but the regulator is died. Ive ordered a replacement regulator (meccalte SR7/2G), but i'm wondering about the...