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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    So here's the situation, I've got 230v single phase coming from the service, its feeding a main distribution panel, and I've added a sub with a step down transformer to feed the sub 115v, I've been getting 0 volts across the neutral to ground in my sub but why do I read 48 to 50 volts on the...
  2. Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am installing a 60Amp sub panel in a she shed which will be supplied from a 200Amp panel in the house. I am having trouble sourcing MNWU 6/3 long enough to do a direct run from panel to panel (thanks to the supply chain drought). My plan is to run NMD 6/3 to a outdoor disconnect mounted on the...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm doing a private residential job and am having troubles figuring something out. I'm running a 60 amp subpanel off of the 200 amp panel. I'm planning on using NMD90 6/3 rated at 90 degrees. (copper) I'm in Canada. What is the acceptable voltage drop to a subpanel? 3%? 5%? By my...
1-3 of 3 Results