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  1. NEC Code Forum
    I recently had an inspector tell me that NM was not allowed to be installed in the crawl space of a home. We even looked in the code book together and nothing jumped out in my perspective….he kind of just silently closed the book. I guess if you considered it a damp location it would not be...
  2. NEC Code Forum
    We're having a disagreement on this end about running romex through furring. There is a stucco wall that is being furred out and will have drywall over it. Furring is 3 inches deep. Can we drill normal holes and run romex even though the wood furring is only 3 inches deep?
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Good Afternoon, I'm Vaughn. So here is what I need help with. I need to rewire my house. I asked local electricians how much it would cost... (20K-25K). I thought that was steep. So I would like to do it myself. I would like to know: What is the recommended circuit breaker amps. Also what...
  4. Residential Electrical Forum
    I have hard wired under cabinets lights roughed in. Essentially I have one circuit of 14/2. the circuit is first wired into a jbox for a switch, from there I move down the wall and start poking the wire out where I need a light. Every where I poke out, I wrap the cord, and poke out leaving...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    I'm going to ask a question here that may sound dumb but, hey, you may never learn anything new if you are afraid to ask. - While working on a lot of older homes I sometimes notice that the insulation on some of the NM cables can be very, very difficult to strip. It's as if the insulation is...
  6. Residential Electrical Forum
    When I did some wiring in San Francisco (20 years ago...?) I wasn't allowed to use romex I think because of earthquake codes). When I did some work outside L.A. everything was THHN in plastic conduit (new construction/poured cement) Have things changed? Would it be the same in San Jose? Or...
  7. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello Everyone - I'm a newbie who needs to run about 100' of Romex 4/3 to a sub panel. Can someone please provide the best/safest way to secure this to studs? Thank you
  8. NEC Code Forum
    How would you classify a 100 year old house that has been converted to a public senior center that holds more than 100 people and can I alter the existing Romex wiring without having to change it to type Mc in massachusetts?
  9. General Electrical Discussion
    I use Romex NM a good bit- the local supplyhouse stocks one brand of Romex that's hard to strip. Home Depot and Lowe's stock another brand of Romex that's really easy to strip and pull through the studs. Who makes the best Romex NM building wire on the market??
  10. NEC Code Forum
    I'm bidding on a multi-building apartment complex where there are two kinds of buildings: - Building 1: occupancy type R-2, construction type 5-B (all apartments) - Building 2: occupancy type A-3, B and R-2, construction type 5-B (community center, main office, and apartments) Are there any...
1-10 of 10 Results