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  1. Safety Inquiry

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Thank you for all the replies, all answers are greatly appreciated!
  2. Not Shocking

    New Member Introductions
    I work in the electrical field but from the supplier side. I am interested to hear about tools used in the field and how we can improve what you use for your personal safety.
  3. 2009 Canada Electrical Code

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Can anyone confirm that this regulation for Solar PV - Overcurrent Protection is in the 2009 Canadian Electrical Code book: "Where overcurrent protection is required by Subrule (1) for a photovoltaic source circuit, each photovoltaic source circuit shall be protected by an individual...
  4. Looking for a PPE product suggestion

    Workplace Safety
    Hi all, New to the forums so hello to everyone. Wanted to call on the collective wisdom and experience here to hopefully help solve a problem or at least put a nail in said problem such that it's just-one-of-those-things-and-better-get-used-to-it. NFPA 70E requires that for working on exposed...
  5. Safety Glasses Recommendation?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Morning everybody, I've read a couple of horror stories about sparks and other tradesmen getting some bad injuries from general site work. Was thinking about investing in a pair of these, or similar? What are your guy's thoughts? Any specific recommendation, or overkill for everyday jobs...
  6. Motion Detection

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hello, Is there an analog way to wire several lights with several motion detectors to all trigger at the same time? I have several flood lights on motion sensors that currently trigger independently, but I would like all of them to trigger when any of the motion detectors detect motion...
  7. Are these code violations? Staples, no guards, and nail plates all around!

    NEC Code Forum
    Hi All, I typically deal with DC power solutions and the military, so I am not well schooled in the NEC book when it comes to grey areas. Anyway, the pictures that are in the Google album are from the unfinished room above my garage. As far as I know, those wires can't be near any of those...
  8. Longer Hair - A Safety Concern?

    Workplace Safety
    I was wondering...does there exist an - official rule (or rules) pertaining to this issue, excluding specific company policy? All responses (besides mullet jokes of course) are welcomed :)
  9. PCB Transformers under bedroom

    Services and Service Equipment
    There are four, sixty year old PCB-containing transformers located in a ground level vault directly under my bedroom in a four unit condo built in 1957. Southern California Edison has agreed to replace them but I do not want them under my bedroom. The replacements may make more noise and give...
  10. im scared of my job now...

    Workplace Safety
    good day my fellow electricians! soo right now i am kinda scared of my job. but before i become an electrician, i was working on a retail that is unionised and working for that company they always enforce the employees to take ALL THE SAFETY STEP NECESSARY TO GET THE JOB DONE. soo i left my...
  11. Node Power Outlet

    General Electrical Discussion
    Would you install these? I wouldn't, and here is why: No place for grounding prong for three-prong cords Too easy for multiple line-line/neutral-neutral/line-neutral shorts, especially on the vertical runs Existing solutions to the problem it purports to solve without introducing new dangers...
  12. Breaking the law and repercussions

    General Electrical Discussion
    I worked for an electrical company as a labourer for almost a year. The company had me installing micro-fit solar projects. Everything on the DC side from the framing to running the pv cable to the invertors and installing disconnects. Everything except hooking up to city power. Also, he had...
  13. Best Voltage Tester

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Looking to buy new voltage testers: What voltage testers are you using? What do you like about it, what do you don't? Which is in your opinion the best and why? Any safety issues worth sharing? Quality/Price ratio? Cheers!
  14. Trapped key interlock vs. computer based interlocking system

    General Electrical Discussion
    What do you think about the computer based interlocking system? We have trapped key interlocks installed on the switchgears, but operator still works on the wrong breaker, especially on the night shifts or complicated switching orders...
  15. OSHA 10 Class at IECRM in Denver, CO

    Workplace Safety
    Hello fellow Rocky Mountain'ers! IECRM (the Rocky Mountain chapter of the IEC) is having an OSHA 10 class on January 11th and 12th (Friday and Saturday) in Denver, Colorado. The class costs $134, and is a great way to network with electricians in the area. Here is the sign-up page. I hope to...
  16. UK New boots which should I get???

    UK Electrical Forum
    I need new boots but as I'm a new apprentice I'm wondering on which ones to buy I know I want them waterproof, lightweight and most importantly suitable for the job such as there not gonna get crushed easy or electrocute me as I know rubber is a good insolator but I also know it could...
  17. Automatic Gate- Barrier codes

    Other Codes and Standards
    I am looking for the codes concerning automatic gate/barrier installations. Loops, locations safety edges, signage etc. I have run across a "UL 325" reference but it is not exactly what I was looking for. I need something that I can do a design off of, that will meet code. Thanks.
  18. Road side safety

    Other Codes and Standards
    Does anyone know where I could get info on road side safety? Special equipment, safety vests, standards, flashing lights(yellow or white), signs etc? I am looking at when you park your van next to the road to do work on something, pole light, j-box etc and the road is fairly close, or even you...
  19. splitting one circuit to two seperate ranges

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have only 100 amp service in my older house. I know it would be easy to upgrade to 200 amp, but the funds arent there right now. My panel will also not take slimline breakers, otherwise I would do this right. My question is, Can I junction out of a box to feed two seperate oven/ranges within...
  20. Frequent electrical humming and clicking

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi all, Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician. I'm a concerned condo owner trying to ascertain the safety of my current situation. An electrician has been notified of the issue I'm about to describe and will handle it in the next few days, but I wanted to get a better idea of what was going on...