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  1. Where are you putting your local advertising dollars

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    So I started in the fall with Google AdWords after our IT guy left our company to start his own. Kind of weird but once he left the phone stopped raining as much, we fell down in SEO searches etc. Hmm... Anyway I started with a call only AdWords ad. Started with board match keywords, got lots...
  2. Google Rankings on RECENT Change

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'd like to ask each of you to please check your websites in Google Search and let me know if you have indeed lost ranking or have gained ranking in the new Google algorithm change. We lost out significantly and are a bit worried about the fact that Manta, Service Magic, YP - etc. have...
  3. SEO for local markets

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Any one have personal success with a local marketing company? Trying to improve results on google, yahoo, ect? Or facebook? http://www.4eliteelectrical.com http://www.thecamarilloelectrician.com Ventura County Electrician