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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I have 2 showers running off a Garo Non priority unit. This causes one shower to not activate if the other is on. 1 of the showers is working fine. The other turns on for a few seconds & then loses power completely. I'm abroad so I've had an electrician look at it for me & he's saying...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question that I am really not clear on. - Article 410.10(D) NEC 2014 gives the requirements for luminaires within a certain area. Would this area also apply to an exhaust fan? The fan is not a luminaire. Is there any other code reference regarding this type of thing? I am having trouble...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a customer who wants to install some paddle fans under her front porch which is considered a damp location by the NEC. (It is roofed but not enclosed.) Is this acceptable? Would the paddle fans have to say suitable for use in a damp location as required for a luminaire? 410.10 (2008 NEC)...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Is anyone aware of a code requiring minimum clearance and or gfci protection of a wall heater next to a shower for either 120 and 240volt units? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results