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  1. Sign Circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question regarding the installation of a plug on a sign circuit. I was looking at NEC 600.5 (2014 NEC) and it states that “…the outlet(s) shall be supplied by a branch circuit rated at least 20 amperes that supplies no other load.” Can I install a plug on an existing sign circuit that...
  2. Hurt while you die sign

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anyone got a link to that sign? Thanks
  3. Grounding Wire Question

    NEC Code Forum
    Have a custom job where 120v luminaires are being mounted to an all aluminum sign (good ol' screw in bulb base outdoor rated). The sign company is mounting the luminaires and the bulb holder has a copper ground lead. The question is what is the proper NEC Section 250 way to ground the copper...