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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    I am installing an AC Condenser and I need to install a disconnect. The Condenser is a single phase 208 volt, 60 Hz, 12.1 Full load amps, 14.8 Wire sizing amps and 25.0 Over Current Protection Device.
  2. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hey folks, question on CEC 4-004 (17). It states "where the lower ampacity portion of a cable installation consisting of not more than 4 conductors in total does not exceed 10% of the circuit length or 3m, whichever is less, the higher ampacity will be permitted" doesn't look like cct's with...
  3. UK Electrical Forum
    I've been asked to do some work for a guy, mainly install/run a supply for a 2.8kW fan assisted oven (hobs seperate). He has kids and because of the limited access to sockets he wants a way of isolating the ovens (cooker switch) instead of just plugging it into the ring. I carried out cable...
1-3 of 3 Results