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  1. Lighting Design
    After it was mentioned to me here, I have acquired a several samples of Utilitech (Lowe's private brand) A19 7.5W LED lamp intended to replace 40W standard incandescent. Product comes in two variations under the same UPC. One is 435lm another is 450 lm. They're both rated at 3,000K CCT. A...
  2. Lighting Design
    ARCO, a retail station brand used by the British Petroleum Company in west coast USA have been expanding LED retrofits around here. A couple months ago, I've only seen them on very few stations, but I'm seeing more ARCO branded British Petroleum stations going LED. Personally, I can clearly...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, New member (Pat) here. I did a message search and came up empty for matches of the streetlight topic. Here I'm hoping to learn if there are members working in the streetlight business. How about have you worked with an ESCO, or maybe you are an ESCO? Particularly I am interested in...
1-3 of 3 Results