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  1. How to help coworkers be more productive

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm currently an apprentice, and doing well with my company, and generally I tend to be a pretty quick and efficient worker. For that reason, I've been sent to a particular site for a period to work with the suite rough-in crew of a condo building, which the foreman tells me has been working...
  2. Fluke 375 reading responding time

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Anybody has experience with Fluke 375? It's a true RMS meter and I am concerning about the reading responding time, especially when read the current from the clamp. I need some advice before I buy this clamp meter. I am an electrician working in manufacture sector. Currently, I have 2 Ideal...
  3. How can I do this? Random speed control on stepper motor.

    General Electrical Discussion
    HI, In the video below, the user has four stepper motors that he/she is controlling at random speeds. I want to do exactly what's in the video(though maybe a tiny bit faster than the motors in the video) and only with one motor. I want my motors speed to be controlled randomly as it is done in...
  4. Can I get rid of a motor's capacitor and operate it safely with a motor speed contol?

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I have a 120 V, AC motor, 5.5 Amp that has a capacitor on it and I want to control it's speed with this controller (The Speedster) but the capacitor overheats. Would it be safe to operate this motor without the capacitor to avoid overheating it?