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  1. Services and Service Equipment
    Ran into a potential issue recently concerning 14-100. I installed a 100 Amp 6 slot panel (not combination, No main breaker). It is mounted less than a foot from the splitter. I fed it with 100 amp wire. A coworker pointed out that this was a code violation. I cannot find the code issue but I...
  2. Services and Service Equipment
    A customer wants a 600 amp single phase 240 volt service run to a small electrical house, with 3 separate 200 amp services with individual meters and disconnects. About 50m (160ft) away from utility transformer. We live in BC canada. He has future plans to build a shop about 500ft away with 200...
  3. Residential Electrical Forum
    I have an outbuilding that was formerly used in an industrial application, monitoring seismic equipment. It was completely functional and wired with it's own main shutoff switch, a 600v -->120/208 3 phase transformer and 200 Amp main panel (100 Amp 3 pole main breaker is already installed). When...
  4. Structured Wiring
    Lately I have been doing some cable connections and was wondering the importance of "Coax F Terminators", or these guys.....(see photo) I have a few cable splitters that have extra ports that are not needed. Should I cap them with these terminators? I have used them outdoors to keep moisture...
1-4 of 4 Results