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  1. AC Tech QC Series or Square D VSD57 VFDs Display showing only for a quarter of second

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hi, We have 2 drives, one is from AC Tech "QC Series" and the other is from Square D "VSD57". Both drives have the same problem. Problem is that on power up, the display comes ON and shows the Voltage and HP Ratings of the drive, but only for a quarter of second of time, then after this...
  2. Square D qwik grip panels???

    Services and Service Equipment
    I accidently hit the ad which you yourself are probably seeing on the side bar... It's the Square-D with the quick connect feature (no 1/2" or 3/4" romex knock-outs or connectors necessary). This seems like a huge time saver. ...Has anyone used them? (BTW, the video is awful, 3 minutes and...
  3. Schneider Electric Recalls Square D-Brand F and K Frame Circuit Breakers Due to Fire

    Recalls, Safety Notices and References
    From the CPSC website: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2014/Schneider-Electric-Recalls-Square-D-Brand-F-and-K-Frame-Circuit-Breakers/
  4. Square D grounding bars quality

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all: Has anyone noticed the poor quality of metal parts from Square D? Recently we had some grounding bars, for HOM and QO panels, they were very soft pot metal; a soft alloy. On the job it was impossible to properly torque them, the heads disintegrate! We used slotted...
  5. Does anyone have any comments on the durability of plug on vs. bolt on breakers?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any comments on the durability of plug on vs. bolt on breakers? We are using Square D QO & QOB breakers for our installations. On some of our jobs we are also responsible for maintenance over long periods and are interested to know if anyone has data or opinions on maintenance...
  6. For Sale Square D Wiggy WT-1 For Sale

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    O well