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  1. Grounding Enclosure Door

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am currently building a motor starter for an industrial fan application. The fan is 480V, but the voltage is stepped down to 120V for the control circuit. The on/off button assembly is mounted to the door of the enclosure (120V supply). The enclosure that I bought (Wiegmann) is quite small...
  2. Design 50 HP Auto Transformer Starter

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Dear All, I need to design 50 HP Auto Transformer Starter. Please need help. I need Material list with rating. Please suggest Transformer rating and steps . Thanks in advance...
  3. Trying to get started/apprenticeship in Edmonton

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi guys. It's good to post here, I've been reading this forum for the past little while and the advice from the community always seems honest (brutally so haha) and helpful. I'm 22 years old and desperately seeking entrance into this field. I know the words "no prior experience" probably scares...
  4. Difference between FVNR & FVR MCC Starter?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Can anyone explain difference between FVNR & FVR type of starters?