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    General Electrical Discussion
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  2. Dedicated Solar Load Station Subpanel

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Hello All I have a dedicated solar load panel that I sized and installed 6 years ago. It is a 200A panel and currently only has 2x 60A breakers to support 2-10kw inverters. I sized it in anticipation of installing up to 30kw and the conductors were sized for that as well. The solar panels and...
  3. No Equipment Ground - Sub-Panel

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm working on a house that has a sub panel (located in the same house) that is fed from a 6-3 NM cable that doesn't have an equipment ground. Was this allowable at any time? Do you bond the grounds from the branch circuits to the neutral at the sub-panel in this case (as long as there are no...
  4. Main Breaker - Miswired or Cross Connection Question

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I am little confused and will be hiring a licensed electrical person to look at it, but wanted to get an idea of what maybe going on or if anyone has any experience seeing this type of issue. In 2006 the building was converted from a 2 family to a 3 family by a licensed electrician...
  5. Sub Panel

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I am trying to avoid taking out trees to upgrade the electrical on my house. I am considering bringing the power in to a sub panel first and then to the main panel in the garage. I want to keep some of the power at the sub panel for the condensing unit, pool, garden shed, etc. for 200 amp...
  6. 125 amp breaker feeding and sub panel with a 200 amp main

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am installing a meter base on a house that has 2 breakers feeding sub panels. One is a 200 amp breaker feeding a sub panel for the main house. The other is a 125 amp breaker feeding a DADU (detached mother in law). The DADU is going to have solar panels. The solar guys want at least a 150 amp...
  7. Stand-alone panel or sub-panel?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have an outbuilding that was formerly used in an industrial application, monitoring seismic equipment. It was completely functional and wired with it's own main shutoff switch, a 600v -->120/208 3 phase transformer and 200 Amp main panel (100 Amp 3 pole main breaker is already installed). When...
  8. Dedicated Equipment space 110.26(E)(1)

    General Electrical Discussion
    I need to install a sub panel in a house. I want to install it in the mechanical room but i am not sure how article 110.26(E)(1) reads. The article reads, "Dedicated Electrical space. The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height (6 ft) above...
  9. Sub Panel feeder and gas line spacing in ditch

    General Electrical Discussion
    Can anyone tell me if there is a NEC requirement for spacing electrical conduit,gas line and water in the same ditch? The PVC feeder conduit is for a sub panel to a DADU so this is not a service line. In Washington some utilities require the Service Entrance lines and gas lines to be at least...
  10. Sub Panel in laundry/dryer closet

    General Electrical Discussion
    Im doing the electrical work for a addition of a single family residence. I need to put in a sub panel and there are not too many good locations. I know sub panels are not permitted in clothes closets 240.24(E) but is a laundry dryer closet thats in the hallway with bi folding doors permitted as...
  11. Existing conduit to main for upstairs addition?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Just bought my house with a 750 sqft unfinished upstairs. Luckily 1 1/2" pvc was ran from the main panel to the upstairs for adding circuits. I plan on putting a 60A subpanel upstairs with 6/3 wire. Do I need to run THHN up the ~10ft lenghth of conduit and tie it to romex or can I just use the...
  12. 120% rule on service panel

    Services and Service Equipment
    when installing solar on a 125amp meter panel, we are allowed 120% of the max panel rating which is 150 amps, (ie, one 2pole 100 amp & one 2pole 50amp circuit breaker) that same rule applies to adding another subpanel, correct?
  13. Sub Panel

    Services and Service Equipment
    Hi guys; I need to install a sub panel to feed all the dryers and washers in the laundry room for a building. There are 3 washers, 3 dryers, they all need 15A/120V. And then, there are 4 stacked sets which require 20A/120V. They all have to be on dedicated circuits. There is a 200 amp panel...
  14. Sub panel questions--newbie

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am retired so decided to pour a slab and install a little electric for my "RV" and I ran in to a few situations that I cannot seem to research and get an adequate answer too. So I thought maybe I should ask the "experts" here! A. ----If I decide to go the 6 "Offs" instead of a main breaker at...
  15. Too much voltage drop?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm doing a private residential job and am having troubles figuring something out. I'm running a 60 amp subpanel off of the 200 amp panel. I'm planning on using NMD90 6/3 rated at 90 degrees. (copper) I'm in Canada. What is the acceptable voltage drop to a subpanel? 3%? 5%? By my...
  16. Granny flat sub board supply & discrimination of protective devices

    UK Electrical Forum
    Hi all Im new to to the site hopefully i can learn a few new things and share abit of wisdom when i can. I am an irish electrician converting a garage to a granny flat and unsure of a few things. I am going to install a sub board fed from the main board in the house. Irish regs state domestic...
  17. Sub Panel

    NEC Code Forum
    I have two questions 1) Is it against code for a 100 amp Main panel to feed a 100 amp sub panel? 2) Is it against code for a 100 amp sub panel to feed a 100 amp sub panel. In this case the first sub panel is being fed from a 200 amp main panel. My friend and I are having a difference of...