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  1. Can any employee operate/reset breakers/switch gear?

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am looking to see what other's thoughts are on employee's operating or resetting breakers or switch gear is. Currently I am a Maintenance Electrician at a production plant where the majority of the equipment is 600V. The current company policy is that only the Electrician is able to operate a...
  2. question about installing a GFCI outlet in a bathroom

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a finished basement with a bathroom. I am looking to install an additional light over the shower/tub area with its own switch/outlet. Since its a bathroom, I assume I have to put in a GFCI outlet of some kind. Luckily, the wall where I want to install this switch/outlet is adjacent to...
  3. whats wrong with my switch

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a box with 2 switches in it one controls the light of a ceiling fan and the other presumably is for the fan but it doesn't work. to verify it was the switch that was bad I took the 2 wires off the switch and attached them to see f the fan would turn on. there was a mini fireball and I...
  4. Anyone recognise these Occ Sensor/night light combos?

    General Electrical Discussion
    A friend has seen these switches in hotel rooms and asked for identification to possibly buy them: The Occupancy sensor activates the little nightlight built in to the switch (the on/off symbol). Toggling the switch turns the room lights off and on. Anyone recognize them?
  5. Cost effective wiring for a switch on an 850' run.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I've been trying to figure out how to wire a switch to operate the lights at my front gate. I have constant power at the gate, which comes in on 260' of 12-2 copper from a sub panel. (I haven't laid the wire yet, so could possibly go up to 10-2 if you guys think it's needed.) My house is another...
  6. Three conductors with continuity?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    A customer recently called me and said she attempted to change out a light switch and after she did she turned the power back on she got a large flash and blew a fuse. When I got there the switch box had three conductors in it and the switch was a switch and receptical combo, switch on top and...
  7. Need a 3 position wireless control switch

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I have an 8 amp 120V motor with a 3 position switch: up, off, and down. You can see some specs and a picture here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Electric-Hoist-Electric-Cable-Hoist-Electric-Winch-Lift-Cable-220-440-Pound-/291000706694?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c0fe6686 The motor comes...
  8. Induced Voltage

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys & gals, I have a question about induced voltages (I think). We were taught that the main reason you run hots and their associated neutrals in the same pipe is because it cuts down on the voltages induced by the phase wires. You need the neutral there to prevent heat from building up...
  9. Switch Location Requirements?

    NEC Code Forum
    Is there any requirement in NEC which states we must, in residential wiring of lighting circuits, place a switch at every entrance to a lighted space? I've been told by my instructor to look up whether or not such a code reference exists, and I'm not finding it. Does it exist?
  10. Infinite Switches (240VAC use for 110VAC)?????

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    ok so in depth my question is can you use a 240VAC infinite switch like the ones on the stove on 110VAC provided that the load of the 110 circuit does not exceed the original (1500W in my case) application??? What would be the adverse effects? Would it still trigger the bimetal stripe? Would...
  11. Switch design

    General Electrical Discussion
    I need to switch from charge and discharge when the cell voltage reaches 2.7V, but the current is constant each of them last 30s or so. The current is 30A so the manual is hard. Can any one give me some advice to switch automatically or safer??
  12. Looking for latching / flip flop relay

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hi. I am new to this board and reaching out for help with an electrical application. I am not an electrician by trade, have some background, but am reaching my limits with this one. Please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong section or if my question is off-topic. I have two LED signs...
  13. Using 3-way switch as 2 single pole switch legs

    Lighting Design
    I was just thinking about lighting for a building I am planning to build. There is only going to be one entrance and I am planning on having a lamp on all the time when unoccupied for security. Have any of you ever used a 3 way switch to control the single lamp and all the main building...
  14. 3-way and 4-way circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have some friends who lost their house several years ago to a flood. After rebuilding (and a little re-designing), they had an L-shaped hallway that had 2 light fixtures operated by 3 switches, one at each end of the hallway, and one at the "L" which was added in the re-design. The...
  15. Sunlight Activated Switch

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey Folks, here's an interesting question I hope someone can answer/point me to a solution. I need a simple "Sunlight" activated switch - sounds easy but past designing my own, I can't find one commercially available. Here’s the application, I’ve got a simple solar-panel heater for my backyard...
  16. Potentiometer Problems

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey I'm new to this website and have a few quick questions. I'm wiring a potentiometer into the circuitry for a heated snowboard boot I'm designing. I'm just curious how you calculate the maximum current and voltage you can run through it without frying it. I'm using 6 3.7V 1500mA lithium-Ion...
  17. Telecommunications Electrician Local 701 Question

    Union Topics
    Good evening, I took my local 701 exam last November, scored a 8 out of 9 and now I have my interview on Friday the 13th :devil:. I'm not sweating the interview since I've read through all those posts however I have a basic question which I should of asked a while back: What's exactly is in...