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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    This is what i am trying to achieve. I have an exhaust fan in my basement that can be turn on from four different places in my house(3 washrooms and kitchen). I like to replace those switches to timer switch. If someone could tell me which timer switch to buy that be much appreciated.
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi I am newbie and would really appreciate help with wiring a 7 day timer. The timer is a Muller 01347 2300W Flush Mount 7 Day Digital Timer. on the side of the timer there are two slots together L & N and further along three slots together numbered 1.2 and 3. The slots with numbers 1,2...
  3. Lighting Design
    Hello. I am doing a job for a group that trains service dogs for disabled vets. A couple of the dogs are being trained to go to Alaska where sunlight hours are different here in South Florida. In the "dog bedroom" for these dogs going to alaska they have 6" recessed cans. I have found special...