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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Have a Siemens 200 (MC2040B1200ESC) panel surface-mounted. Wanting to setup a backup generator. Looking for an interlock that works for this model panel. Any suggestions? If not interlock...perhaps I have to go the Transfer switch route? thanks for your expertise!
  2. Electrician Apprentice Forum
    So I am currently living in Dallas Texas and am considering doing an apprenticeship. I plan on moving back to Alabama once I become a Master electrician. Will my hours worked transfer to Alabama? Also will I have to retake the test in Alabama?
  3. Union Topics
    Hey all - I just started as an apprentice out west where I moved to take care of family. My wife has a couple of job prospects in New York and D.C. and I'm wondering about how to transfer and if NY and Maryland/DC JATCs accept transfers? Also, anyone know the likelihood of getting started back...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi I am currently a helper electrician in Maine. I have completed a vocational 2-year program in the trade and have my minimum 576-hours course work for a journeyman license. I will be taking a 1-year community college program in electrical soon. The community college program, although being...
  5. Vintage Electrical
    I have been asked to replace a manual transfer switch with a automatic one in the local firehouse. The generator is a Onan, model 15.OJC 3CR/9597T Ser# 0473584502 . It presently starts with a manual toggle. When the toggle is released, it stops cranking. So far, I have determined (possibly...
  6. Union Topics
    Hey my name is Dave, originally from Ontario, Canada. moved to Alberta for work, member of local 424 just wondering how long you need to be with the hall before you can transfer, in my case it would be from local 424 to local 1687 sudbury, ontario.
  7. General Electrical Discussion
    Have a project where I need to switch 3 20amp circuits between a generator and local power. I am looking for disconnect that are DIN rail mountable or panel mountable that can be stacked similar to these type from AutomationDirect. The problem I have is that most transfer switches only have 4...
1-7 of 7 Results