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  1. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello! I've been reading extensively on a design that is common on US installations but I can't find an equivalent Rule that gives proper guidance on the CEC. I'm on the design phase and want to double tap the secondary of a 3.5MVA, 44kV/600V TX to feed two separate buildings straight from the...
  2. Linework
    I have a Trail project that requires lighting a tunnel under a freeway. The transformer SCE is offering to give us a meter off of is already at 340% of its design load. I get that transformers work well above design, but my problem is how to get the property owner to understand that this is...
  3. Linework
    Guys, I need some help. I'm going to take my unlimited test next week and I know there's a load calculation on transformers. He question is a transformer diagram, the voltage is 120/208 volt. There's a total of 4 transformers.1 is 3 phase 30 kw continuously lighting load and is connected to the...
1-3 of 3 Results