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  1. Union Topics
    Basically i sent out my letter requesting for the application which i followed all the rules that were stated and went to the post office to send it out(MADE SURE I GOT IT POSTMARK FOR THAT DAY). From these thread i read one guy got his application, Has anyone else got theres? Or they still...
  2. Union Topics
    Just wondering cuz Ive decided to get the ball rolling to go uniom amd apply at my local. I'm non union apprentice right now goin through ABC. Even though I was in a corp job before this I have studied and learned quite a bit and the foreman for the job I'm at has me all over the place on this...
  3. Union Topics
    Hey guys new here So i interviewed at local 234 and am now 6th on the list. Possibly a bump???? I want to apply over at the local 332 but i am wondering if i have to reapply altogether. Or can I just call 234 and have them mail over my info for an interview??
  4. Union Topics
    So I'm a first year apprentice. Just started a few months ago with what seems like and from what i hear from most, a good company. I have been mulling over whether getting into the union is a good idea. My best friend is a journeyman and just made the jump to the union and is glad he did but I...
1-4 of 4 Results