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  1. Property owner pulled permit without my permission

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all. Here's a quick rundown. Property owner asked me to look at a job. Job was a steaming pile being run by a full on clown show. I called the client and respectfully declined the job. Neve gave pricing or anything. It seems they searched online and found my license number and...
  2. unlincesed Electrician Sting in Boston

    General Electrical Discussion
    http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/x698039752/State-sting-nabs-20-unlicensed-electricians#axzz1GEaqULqg :thumbsup:
  3. What to do about illegal contractors

    General Electrical Discussion
    This is a guy that took the time to address the unlicensed people advertising on CL. I hope everyone reads it, then contacts the poster to see if its OK to post in your local CL. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/sks/1172914768.html