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  1. Industrial Electrician or Electro/Mech Tech- Paid Relocation_Possible Visa Sponorship

    Looking To Hire
    Looking for an electrical job troubleshooting electrical issues on multi-million dollar equipment and automated guided vehicles? If you don't already know how to do that, would you be willing to learn? We offer: Local and national promotional opportunities Great benefits with some locations...
  2. USA work visas?

    Hi All! New here, hoping someone might be able to help with a querie I have.. I live in New Zealand, looking at doing some travelling in a couple years and would love to some work in the USA, anyone know how easy it is for a lineman to travel into the US on a work visa? Have been looking online...
  3. Wire color coding USA

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello Folks I was buying a AC powered RV/Marine cord reel from Asia. The cord has 2 lines, 1 neutral and 1 ground. The colors of the cores in the cord are red, yellow, blue and green. I need to use this cord reel in an electric charging station for vehicles. Is it compulsory for us to US...
  4. Looking for work in the USA

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello Everyone, My name is Matt. I am 22 years old and I am an aspiring electrician from Toronto, Canada. I have completed a pre-apprenticeship program and I have 6 months experience working as a labourer here in Ontario. I have tried for over a year to get an apprenticeship where I live...
  5. First Fix Electrics USA

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am from the UK and I was wondering what you americans call First Fix Electrics and Second Fix Electrics. First Fix: Positioning and securing of accessory boxes Second Fix: Preparation and positioning of cables Thanks in advanced
  6. electrician with exerience in morocco (HELP plz)

    Residential Electrical Forum
    hello everyone I'm new to your forum, and also in usa. in my country, I was an licensed electrician for buildings (Residential), I have a qualification diploma in industrial maintenance electricity, and I have experience in residential electricity , I came to the united states its been two...
  7. Checkpoint levels

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Checkpoint levels TAIWAN!!!??? Wondering who still buys these now that they are all taiwan imports? It seems that they have lost their professional market. Most tradesman either want something made in the USA, or Germany. Nobody wants to buy tools from Taiwan right?:001_huh: