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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    I bought a few fans for a home project, like the ones in the link below: Cooling Fan 120 VAC 80 x 80 x 25mm 18 CFM 848864007328 | eBay They are 120V 0.13A, I'm hoping they can be connected directly to a wall switch. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    First off... hello everyone. My name is Nicholas. I am having a persisting electrical issue in my apartment. Way back in the Summer of 2016, my neighborhood experienced two blackouts. One that lasted a few seconds and a few weeks later, another that lasted around 15 hours. The second one took...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I have recently moved into a newly renovated apartment and the air conditioner was not working. After testing the receptacle with a multimeter it is 240V and there is no ground installed, and the unit is 115V. After discovering this I tested some other receptacles and about half don't have a...
  4. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I need a strong voltage regulator that is used to regulate the voltages coming out of a continuous DC generator. Four poles of high current currents that connect with the thermometer to output a 24 volt voltage to the load. Control by magnetic coil files controlled by an automatic voltage...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi there I have a customer that has acquired a 3ph Icecream Batch freezer - Carpigiani LB502 So far they have installed a 10hp Rotary Phase converter to generate 3ph from the 1ph service. The customer wants to make sure the batch freezer is getting the right quality of hydro to make sure it...
  6. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello.. I am curious how or why there is a higher amp draw on an induction motor during an under voltage condition. According to ohms law, isn't amperage directly proportional to voltage? I am just confused and can not seem to find the correct answer to help me understand how or why this works...
  7. NEC Code Forum
    Just wondering...anybody see any contrast between the two below NEC code sections? 300.3 (C) Conductors of Different Systems. (1) 600 Volts, Nominal, or Less. Conductors of ac and dc circuits, rated 600 volts, nominal, or less, shall be permitted to occupy the same equipment wiring enclosure...
  8. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys i bought a track light the other day ( http://www.lampsplus.com/products/french-scavo-glass-6-light-expandable-rail-track-light-kit__27047.html ) and the track light ended up being electronic low voltage. I wanted a dimmer on the light so i bought this dimmer (...
  9. NEC Code Forum
    hi... I want to convert current to voltage for which I went on with the opamp circuit but what the problem with it is its only working for 0.1A input and just require a I-V converter with input current range of .001A to 4A. please do suggest the circuit. thank you in advance.
  10. General Electrical Discussion
    I am currently working on a side project and need some help, the project has a some requirements. -Input voltage is 3.3v, 40mA -Output voltage needs to be ~5v, 500-900mA my current setup is Thank you for looking at my post, hopefully someone can help me :)
  11. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a situation where I had a 1/3hp fan motor fry, when I went to replace the motor, which is powered by a 120 volt circuit which also powers a 120v circulating pump, I discovered that my volt meter reads 139 volts from live to ground, and about 40 volts from neutral to ground, but accurately...
  12. General Electrical Discussion
    :detective:I have a basic voltage characteristics question I'm having trouble getting a clear answer for. In a basic 120V single phase ckt you have the hot and neutral connected to a load such as a light bulb. With the bulb burning I place a clamp meter around the hot wire and get a reading of...
1-12 of 12 Results