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  1. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Hi there, does anyone have any experience purchasing materials from the states and going through the border back to Canada? I live in Calgary Alberta and I have been in business over 4 years, I would love to get some input as to which whole saler I could use in the Washington, Montana area as...
  2. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Why don't Electrical Supply Houses put prices on their hand tool displays like the Big Box Retailers do? I try to steer all my business to my supply house (builds my account rebate and my relationship if/when I'm in a bind), but they don't put prices on the tools they have on display. The...
  3. Electrician Swap Classifieds
    I have several boxes of cast aluminum universal conduit bodies. Arlington Industries AnyBODY(TM) Accepts either EMT or rigid conduit. Easily converts to T, LL, LR, or C. Sizes and quantities: 1/2"-10, P/N 930-1 3/4"-27, P/N 931-1 1"-15, P/N 932-1 1.5"-6, P/N 934-1 2"-1, P/N 935-1 Free...
1-3 of 4 Results