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  1. Canada vs USA terms

    General Electrical Discussion
    Please help a non-electrician. I'm trying to source: #2, 3 conductor ACWU wire. Buying in Florida to ship to central america. Southwire Canada stock no 564184. Florida distributors don't seems to be able to cross reference. No reply from Southwire. Secondly, #12 NMWU 2 conductor. Southwire stock...
  2. Prevent Electrical Wires from Cutting/Tearing in Ceiling Light

    General Electrical Discussion
    I installed a Recessed Ceiling Light. The Manufacturer Halo Eaton built Silver Metal Mounting Rack with Very Sharp Inner Edges. Wires loop through the center sharp edge. So when installing or removing a ceiling lightl it may cut/tear, and spark. (it happened to previous customer) Sometimes...
  3. Strain Relief for Medical Device

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello to all, I am working in a medical device company and we are having issues with the strain relief and wires of the device. We have 3 different types of failure mode: 1.- Strain relief is not damaged but when the jacket and the strain relief are cut to check for damage, the wires...
  4. How to patch wall w/wire

    General Electrical Discussion
    I just moved into a new house. They had some sort of security system that is no longer in use, so I pulled the unit off the wall and discarded it. However, I was left with a wire hanging out of the wall. I have no idea what's on the other end of this wire, but I know it was powering the...
  5. Choice of cables by their functional intergrity from DIN 4102-12

    General Electrical Discussion
    Currently, most of wires (cables) are done either for 30 minutes of fire protection (E30) or for 90 minutes protection (E90). But what are standars which prescribes on whethere we should use E90 instead of E30?
  6. Questions about 480v

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all! :biggrin::biggrin::vs_cool: First time poster here and excited to meet you all! I have a few questions about a Project I am working on at the University I am employed at. I am setting up a robotics lab for the university with industrial robotic arms from KUKA. One of the end of arm...
  7. Cable sizing for 3 Phase Induction Motor

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hy & Thanks from this poor guy for all previous support and help. The project with which I am dealing this day is way too difficult to manage for me Since I have no docs, files, white papers or anything. Searching Google is meaningless as far as I feel it in my field. I need help on 3 phase...
  8. Submersible low-voltage wiring

    General Electrical Discussion
    Heya! I have to wire up LEDs located on a small island in a freshwater lake (no swimming, no boating, no fishing). All the power supplies, LED-drivers, etc. will be located on the shore. Now I have to spec the multi-conductor low-voltage wiring to the island (12 VDC). I've tried out the wire...
  9. Do I need to pre-twist wires before wire-nutting?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I just graduated High School and started a new job as a residential helper electrician. I went to Tech School for electrical during my Junior and Senior years. My new boss wants me to pre-twist wires before wire-nutting. Personally, I hate doing that because when...
  10. Do you buy your wire online? (Why?)

    General Electrical Discussion
    Just curious if you prefer to buy your wire online (vs. a local supply house)? Not something I've done myself yet. Just wondered what your experience was like. Is it a timesaver? Money saver? Do you ship direct to the jobsite? Does it free up the runner for other errands? Good way to save space...
  11. Chicago IL code for wire

    Other Codes and Standards
    Does anyone know if Chicago electrical code doesn't allow stranded wire in smaller gauges? I always use solid and almost always see solid but still not sure what code says about solid vs stranded.
  12. 80ft 4C 2 AWG Teck Cable

    Electrician Swap
    Selling 80ft of 4 conductor 2 AWG Teck Cable. I'm located in Hamilton, Ontario. $600
  13. Need help fast !

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone out there i just had a question i am about to wire up a pizza oven and it says L1: 33 amps and L2: 33 amps what size breaker will i need for it to function right? THANKS BIG TIME
  14. found a great place to recycle my wire

    General Electrical Discussion
    just thought i'd give you guys in the nassau area a heads up. I went to a place in hempstead that paid a ridiculous amount for my thhn and bright. hey, any little bit of extra cash helps in this economy. the place is called njc recycling.
  15. Is my house adequately grounded, and what does that mean?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hello, I am a newish owner of an old (1941) home in Oregon. I know next to nothing about electricity, but am here to learn! Hopefully, you will entertain my relative naivete of electricity and how it affects me in my new (old) home. My first question, if anyone would be so helpful to...
  16. I need some advice

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm begining the remodeling process of my laundry room with much amateurism, and I need some help identifying this wire. I believe its on old phone jack wire, but i'm not quite sure. If someone knows what it is, and if I can completely remove it, please let me know. I cannot get the photos to...
  17. JATC, make it better please! Pipe bending bootcamp etc

    Union Topics
    I'm halfway through my first year. I like what the program is about and am still fired up to learn. It just seems like the ibew could take the next step and really start cranking us out to be pros. Give any of us first years about 20 hours of one on one with some pro pipe benders and run us...
  18. Making a heating cable thermostat, and heating cable questions

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi i need to heat a 55 gallon drum to approx 120*f, so i was thinking of wraping a heating cable around the barrel(the liquid is not flammable). does anyone know how a heating cable works i found a website that sells some http://www.omega.com/toc_asp/subsectionSC.asp?book=Heaters&subsection=b01...
  19. What Size Wire THHN Do I Use?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello everyone I could use some help! If I install a 3ph 480v 20A branch circuit panel board 2000 feet away, what size wire THHN do i use? I am installing total load 1500w flourescent light fixture. Your help is greatly appreciated! :thumbup: -Jen
  20. Great tool for a short guy.

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I just bought this wire reacher that extends an additional 3ft and being a short guy I'm always reaching for cables. Its cool! http://www.discount-low-voltage.com/wire-reacher.html