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  1. Induction heat cooktops 220A, 20A, Plug

    NEC Code Forum
    I am trying to figure out how to wire a cluster of 5 Induction heat cooktops on a table with Qty-1 2200W, 220V, 1 Phase Main and Qty-4 800W 220V, 1 Phase (each) Auxiliary, each supplied with 220V, 20A cord/Plugs. I have 208/120V, 3 PH, 4 Wire 225A Panel as Power source. Can I bring 2-2P-20A...
  2. Need help with DC wiring project

    I apologize in advance if this is not the section where this thread goes. I build Motorized Bikes as a hobby/side job and have finally got around to installing a 12V DC charging coil on my own personal build. This is my first time working with wiring a charging system, basic DC wiring is ok...
  3. Would this count a residential or commercial wiring?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I preform low voltage and occasionally high voltage work electrical work in residential & commercial buildings, there is a C10 contractor on the job site, I'm also completing some trainee classes at a community college that's authorized by the state to offer the training. I would like to become...
  4. Correct wiring for light fixture?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a homeowner and I don't know much about electricity other than basic wiring. I was replacing some ceiling light fixtures today and I am unsure of the existing wiring situation. There are 4 wires coming into the box. Each with a black, white, & ground (12 individual wires). The way that it...
  5. Running extension wires for 240v ballasts

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Can I tie together two 14/3 lamp wires from two separate ballasts into one 12/3 wire for my run and then back into two separate 14/3 at the lamp sockets? My runs are long and I'm wiring up 16 lights with 16 ballasts but I'm hoping to do two lights per extension to save on material costs. The 16...
  6. VFD to Motor Connectors

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hi there, I am running a wire from my 1HP VFD to my 1/2 HP motor. I have decided to just run 12/3 BX instead of the braided cable because there are no other sensitive loads around. It's a short run. 10ft so I am not worried about noise. But my question is, the peckerhead on the motor has a KO...
  7. 14ga. or 12ga. NYC wiring

    NEC Code Forum
    Hello all! I design, manufacture, sell and install office furniture in NYC. Recently we were told that according to a newer code from 2011 our 15amp power strips must have 12guage wire. Is there a difference in rules for hard wired vs plug in? Can anyone give me more info on this link would be...
  8. A Better Way TO Staple

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Is anyone else sick and tired of getting poked every time you reach into your pouch to grab a staple? On top of that it is always such a mess I don't know if I'm stapling or paying barrel of monkeys! Check this tool out!
  9. Theory/Troubleshooting Question...HELP!

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am new to the Forum, I hope I am in the right place for technical questions. Troubleshooting question: On a 950' start/stop control circuit I collected this info with all wire connections isolated except the power source. Ohming out wires while isolated shows all open circuits (no direct...
  10. DC Power Cable Color Code for Both IEC and UL

    NEC Code Forum
    Hi, I'm planning to use a SOOW type 14AWG 3C cable for DC output of my power supply and I have problems finding a suitable cable for the purpose. All 3C cables have black, white and green coloring code which is mainly for AC voltage but I cannot find a 3C black, red and green cable which is...
  11. commercial wiring and installations

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I just finished a certified electricians course. Unfortunately, the lab portions of the course were pretty sparse and far from relevant in the current market. I got a job purely by happenstance and availability working as an electrician's helper in a company that does commercial refrigeration...
  12. Retrofitting room for MRI

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, What steps would need to be taken to take an existing room and wire it and set it up to acommadate a new MRI machine? Details would be great!
  13. Wiring a Level Switch

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I have a Babbitt LS2000 level switch. I am having a hard time trying to wire the upper and lower switch. I think I may need some type of latch circuit. I simply want to empty a tank when it is full. I.e. the top switch will activate the pump and the bottom switch will turn the pump off. On...
  14. Electrical Design

    General Electrical Discussion
    Happy Thanksgiving, I'd like to have a string of 25-40 watt bulbs wired similar to a string of Christmas lights, with, a dimmer that would create a least to brightest sequence along the string. How do I do this? :santa:
  15. PLC Help

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hello, I'm a student at a technical school and I am majoring in PLC's. We're wiring small motor relays. I was wondering if you guys had a way to remember the wiring set up for the contacts on the motor. I know you bring your stop to power and your start out the other side of start. Wire contact...
  16. Weird Situation. Looking for Input.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    My bathroom exhaust fan had died on me. Everything worked great before. NOW, I receive a constant 120v at the fan end. I decided the switch had to be faulty. -Replaced switch same problem. I had a bit of trouble pulling down the old fan. which made me believe I had pulled a little hard on the...
  17. Hot Weather

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, We just did a job ran new wiring and everything now the client is saying that when the temp outside gets over 80 the lights don't work. Anyone ever came across this issue? There are two rooms that the lights are not working they are can lights if the temp drops below 65 the lights start...
  18. Solenoid Wiring Help(I will pay)

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Dear Electricians, I am looking for somebody who can help me with wiring of solenoids with a plug so that I can get a push/pull when the solenoids are getting electrical power. This electrical power will be supplied through a switch board that will have a plug attached with a wired solenoid...
  19. Basic motor wiring help needed

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Ok so I have a hydraulic car hoist with a 240v single phase motor. The motor has no terminal block or labelling but has 4 wires coming from the windings and an earth. At the moment it is wired and works fine under no load, I can operate the motor switch and the hoist will easily lift a car and...
  20. PCB Wiring Question - Supply "-" wire to DC out terminal?

    NEC Code Forum
    I posted this in a CCTV forum, but seeing as how this is a more advanced topic I am re-posting here so I can get a more professional opinion. I recently "inherited" tech support for a CCTV system. A camera went out recently, and water had damaged the power plug on the Siamese cable. I...