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  1. UK Hi Guys do any of you offer finance!

    UK Electrical Forum
    My name Richard and I'm new to the forum so hi everyone. I really want to offer finance to customers when I go out to quote work as I think it could give me a higher conversion rate. Do any of you guys offer finance at the moment and if so who with? Also do you think it's a good avenue to go...
  2. Killeen or Temple Texas Apprenticeship

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    I am 22 years old an currently looking to become an apprentice electrician in either Killeen or Temple. I honestly have next to no experience on the field, but I am very willing to learn. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking for vendors multiple regions

    Looking To Hire
    I am the vendor manager for Ameritrust Residential Services. I wanted to invite you to partner with us on upcoming residential renovation projects. I am creating an approved vendor list for my project managers. We are a single source maintenance and construction provider for single family...
  4. Looking for vendors

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I am the vendor manager for Ameritrust Residential Services. We are looking for licensed electrician to bring work with us on upcoming residential renovation projects. I am creating an approved vendor list for my project managers. We are a single source maintenance and construction provider...
  5. California Lic. Contractor C-10

    Looking For Work
    I Have work in So Cal I will pay you 10% to use your Lic. 10% comes out to 7 to 10K a month Lic. must be active. You can text me or Call me at 909-545-1969 My name is Mark. Thank you.
  6. I found the key

    General Electrical Discussion
    Legend has been brewing for years about a mythical "master key" that worked to start forklifts, pettibones (all terrain-forklifts), scissor lifts, boom lifts, golf carts, and gators. Most of the stories I've heard were at the bar, not on the jobsite, but I have heard it mentioned here and there...
  7. Looking to solve other peoples problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hi my names David, I'm 3 years post trade as an Electrician. (Instrumentation & Controls) I'm looking to find out what kind of jobs contractors and sub-contractors like doing the most, that are the easiest for their business and return high revenues at the same time. I want to know this so I...
  8. Married In The Trade

    General Electrical Discussion
    Just wondering how others out there handle their family life and raising kids while in the trade? Seems like often (at least where I work) an 8 hour work day turns into 11 with traveling to and from the job. 10hrs turns into 13, and so on. Most jobs are 1 1/2 hours away and further. Most...
  9. Electrician's Apprentice from Dayton, OH

    New Member Introductions
    I've been in college for a year trying to be an engineer, studying hours and hours only to end up doing poorly. I got tired of doing it, feeling defeated so started looking into becoming an electrician. I didn't like the idea of signing a contract to work for a union so instead I apply for work...
  10. Moving to Alberta in April, looking for job leads

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi There: I am a young eager motivated registered electrician apprentice looking for a long term career opportunity in Alberta. I am currently living in Ontario but will be moving to Calgary Alberta in April. My girlfriend was offered her dream job in Calgary so we will both be relocating...
  11. Slow work hours

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I'm on my third year in the apprenticeship program and am currently working with a small company of 4 employees and the owners. All of the companies I have worked with have been on the smaller side, so maybe that is part of it. But, it seems there isn't much visibility on what work is...
  12. Helper Electrician Wages

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am about to finish a high school vocational program in the electrical field in Maine and have acquired my minimum 576 hours of classroom time for a journeyman license. I have to work 8,000 hours before I can apply for a journeyman license. My Questions are: -How much does an electrician...
  13. Solenoid Wiring Help(I will pay)

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Dear Electricians, I am looking for somebody who can help me with wiring of solenoids with a plug so that I can get a push/pull when the solenoids are getting electrical power. This electrical power will be supplied through a switch board that will have a plug attached with a wired solenoid...
  14. Hourly Price Discussion

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi Guys, New to the forum.... I set up my business in August 2012 running my own electrical firm concentrating on Domestic & Commercial, I have come up short as of late and I'm wondering if my prices have been fair, I never had an hourly rate as such just used to try and make enough that I was...
  15. Anyone interested in getting into renewables in Orlando?

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Curious to see if anyone is looking to do more electrical work in a diverse renewables market around central fl Orlando area... Solar PV, biofuel cogen, induction lighting, majority is commercial
  16. Electrical Contract Work

    General Electrical Discussion
    Good day I work for a company called Ngwekaza an electrical company located in South Africa we do electrification's in rural areas situated in the western cape we also do vendor work for Eskom the leading power suppler in South Africa . Our work involves Low to Medium Voltage work...
  17. not sure where to post this, but moving soon and looking for work

    General Electrical Discussion
    i'm living in plano, tx now, and will be moving to fort collins/boulder/greeley area in the next few months. just wondering how the job market is for the industrial/commercial work up there right now. i'm a second year apprentice, and have done really well here. someone guide me in the right...
  18. Cargo van setup

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am in the process of setting up a new cargo van (GM 2500). Does anyone know of a way that I can make a swing out or sliding shelving unit so I don't have to crawl in the van to get a part? or a manufacturer that offers one already set up? Thanks, Dave
  19. IBEW 569: Finding work in the area

    Union Topics
    Okay, so I've already sent my application for starting this fall, and I will be taking the aptitude test next Thursday. I feel good it, as well as the interview, but one of the things that's been worrying me is finding work in the area. I keep hearing that jobs in construction is pretty slow...