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10-15% off Predator Generators [Harbor Freight]

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Any thoughts about Predator generators? We noticed Harbor Freight is offering discounts on all models.

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I looked at Predator and bought a DuroMax. My neighbor had one 12kw with the idle down feature that I borrowed. I liked the way they had done the bonding of the neutral, so it was easy to break it and use the generator connected to my home. At the time I did not have POCO connected.

ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FRONT FEET. I got the welder out and some scrap stock for the feet.
Coming from a production environment, time and product is worth more than money.
If the HF one is 25% cheaper to start and 10 % more off. Is it worth it to save money then find out in the first 24 hour outage it don't like running that long straight. Then you have to replace it and the freezer of meat you just lost. I am one that believes in you get what you pay for, most of the time.

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The only gen I have that has run for more than 8 hours is my old dog Onan. Just 6.5kw but it just runs and runs. I change the oil frequently and it does have a filter which I think is important for long run times and heat. It is an old RV generator so it does not charge the battery. I looked into fixing that but it takes pulling the engine apart and putting the added parts on the back of the fly wheel. A 100 watt solar panel handles the battery for me. Also it is on a trailer so moving it with the pickup is easy. Getting to old to lift stuff into the bed of the truck any more.
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A customer of mine swears by his.
I know a tree service contractor that uses Harbor Freight generators. His crew is very hard on equipment. His rationale, he buys them a lot of Harbor Freight because he'd rather have them destroying cheap stuff than good stuff. Anyway he says the Harbor Freight generators were surprisingly OK.

A customer of mine does work for Harbor Freight's corporate HQ and they were talking about generators and the people at HF pointed out some of their Predators are Consumer Reports "best buys." Now I don't put all that much stock in Consumer Reports these days but it's something.

I don't hear that much about it but the only portable brand I see having a reputation for quality is Honda. Are there others? Or alternatives that are not made in China?
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I purchased a Pulsar 12kw/9500w dual fuel portable generator a few years back. At the time I read they were manufactured in Ontario with parts sourced from Japan. It's powered my home in several outages without issue. Eventually it will sit on my trailer with other construction equipment for temp power.
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