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Klein sells a great apprentice kit for about $115. Basic tools you will need are as follows.

Must haves to start:

Tool belt
Linemen's pliers
Channel locks (2 pairs of different sizes preferred)
Tape measure
Torpedo level
Screwdrivers of various sizes and types
Wire strippers
Keyhole saw

Accumulate as you get paid:
Half round file
Rat tail file
Socket set
Speed square

The tool set may vary slightly according to whether you are doing residential, commercial, or industrial work, or some combination thereof.

· RIP 1959-2015
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Here is a good one from another thread..:thumbsup:

TOOL LIST (Commercial)

All Journeyman Electricians are required to have the

following tools:

-1 Centre punch

-1 ½” Cold Chisel
-1 Half-round File
-1 Ball Peen Hammer
-1 Adjustable Hacksaw Frame
-1 Knife
-1 Medium Level
-5 Prs. of Pliers - 8” Sidecutters, Diagonal,
Longnose and 2 prs. of Channelock
-6 Screwdrivers, Robertson and Standard Types
-1 6” Square or Combination Square
-1 Steel Tape, 10 or 12-foot
-1 Small Tap Wrench
-1 Tool Box
-1 Tool Pouch and belt for hand tools
-1 600-Volt Tester (CSA approved)

TOOL LIST (Residential)

The following additional tools are to be supplied by

Journeyman Electricians employed in the residential

-1 Brace (Ratchet)

-1 Keyhole Saw
-1 Claw Hammer
-1 ½” Wood Chisel
-1 Wire stripper

TOOL LIST (Apprentices)

Apprentices shall supply themselves with the follow-

ing basic tools and be in possession of a complete
list of tools upon becoming a Journeyman Electri-

1st Period

-3 Prs. Pliers - 8” Sidecutters, Diagonal,

-1 Pocket Knife
-1 Steel Tape, 12-foot or 10-foot
-6 Screwdrivers - Robertson and Standard Types
-1 Tool Box
-1 Tool Pouch for hand tools

2nd Period

-1 Hacksaw Frame - Adjustable

-1 Hammer - Ball Peen
-1 Pr. Longnose Pliers

3rd Period

-1 Medium size Level

-1 ½” Cold Chisel

4th Period

-1 voltage tester

-1 Combination Square or 6” Square
-1 Centre Punch
-1 File - Half-round

5th Period

-1 Pr. of Channelock
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