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220v kick heater. Code question

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This is a little complicated to explain. I have a 220v kick heater. The manufacturer instructions and diagram says you have to run a third wire to the snap disk thermostat if you use a remote thermostat. Otherwise you louse the protection of the snap disk thermostat. But if you do that one heating element is hot all the time and the heat thermostat shuts off one leg to the motor which defeats the purpose of the fan delay snap disk. To be safe you have to run 220v to the motor to take advantage of the fan delay and 220v to the remote thermostat to shut down the heater while the 220v fan can run till the heater cools down.
Is It a code violation to run 220v to the motor with one leg going through the fan delay snap disk. Otherwise the fan delay shuts off with the heat thermostat.
It’s a lot, but I hope I gave you enough information to understand my question
Thank you, James ODonohoe
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Most snap discs delay the heater’s fan so you don’t blow cold air.
Most of the ones I've worked on also would run the fan after the element turned off to pull the heat away from it so it doesn't over heat. I know of an installation where a number of heaters are controlled by a thermostat and the elements keep burning out. They need that cool down time.

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