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24 Volt DC Motor Control Problem

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I have a DC motor 12-18-24 vdc (Worldwide Electric P.M.D.C Motor Model WPMDC12-18-24V-56CB) Basically I am trying to Run it off 24 volts and have a way to control the voltage going to the motor by means of a Potentiometer or whatever. If I could control it 0-24vdc that would be ideal. Were trying to use this in an application where we can pump a checmical and controls our gallons per minute by the power we supply to the motor. Not sure what we need on our control side for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well if its a low voltage DC motor you build a PWM drive Like a H bridge or buy one .

You can control the gallons per minute by adjusted frequency of the speed to you amount of flow need in that time span . Digital IC Timers can be added to you control of drive time .Also the H bridge can be used as a break meaning stop or reverse direction .

Resistors are old out of date and wasted power plus it doesn't matter what application its for speed and time is what makes it work on anything .
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