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240 delta with a grounded corner

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I am dealing with this on a job for a contractor of mine and I'm getting a lot of heat (because he has an antiquated electrical system and its my fault . you know the type) the problem is Im having trouble finding out anything. I got the jest of it and the fact that the ground and the 3rd phase are one in the same but go to different areas .And that I cant fuse the grounded phase in a distribution situation. What I don't get is why I have wacky amp readings like (phase A 73amp /phase B the grounded leg has 93 amps and the phase 3 has 83 . Its not the motor I swapped phases on that to rule it out . The motor is a 25 hp 3 phase and at 240 v should draw 65 amp. WTF
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this is not a rant Im struggling . John this is an torit dust collector and there is a secondary motor that keeps the larger particles moving and it is operating fine
John I started at the line side of the starter and went to the load . I swapped phases A & C then C & B to keep the rotation . Tomorrow is another day and I will post some more results then , meanwhile if you have any other ideas please share . thanks
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ponyboy that is my thought and jrannis there is nothing abnormal except the voltage . thanks for brain storming . tomorrow is a new day
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