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277 lighting color for travelers

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Hi, I'm new here. What is the typical colors for the travelers on 277 three ways ? We use pink or purple for switch loops, and brn, org, or yel for the circuits, so would it be maybe blue or red for travelers ?
Thanks for replys
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it pretty much depending on what area you are in

and it is pretty much any colour for travaller as long it is not white or green

in my area useally purple or pink for 277 volts travaller wires but it petty much depending on how the building system is set up i just used their colour code unless the code saysomthing else

Merci , Marc
I generally use purple or pink for 277 travelers, and usually use baby-blue for 120 volt travelers. Honestly, I mostly do service work, so I just try to match whatever system the buliding I'm working in has going on already.
We use purple for C phase, but we generally don't use colors other than phase colors for travellers(just makes for more wire to lug around).
For 277 we will use red travellers for one switch and blue travellers for the other, or we'll just use high voltage colors other than the one the circuit is on.

It might be confusing at first for someone used to seeing pinks and purples, but shouldn't take more than 10 seconds for a good service electrician to figure out.
Hey City, I just moved from Bakersfield, who do you work for? And sorry, I only worked industrial in Bako, so I don't know if they allow different color conductors for travellers etc.
I've heard that Brinderson has a big job in Bako, (up to 400 hands) what do you hear on the grapevine?
Hey nmkuhm, I work for the city of Bakersfield now. Used to work the oilfields here, and mostly industrial myself. I never heard of Brinderson ? Are they from down south ?
Congrats on the city job. The oilfield and carrots seem like the only real thing Bakersfield has going on. Brinderson's from LA, a big player in the refineries. One of my buddies told me they picked up a job that was going to man up at about 400 hands between the electrical and mechanical divisions. The only thing I can think of even close to that is the new FCC at the Flying J, but TIC is supposed to have that. I'd call, but the HR guy is notorious for laying out make-believe stories.
Take it easy, thanks for responding.
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