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30.5mm KO

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What am I missing here boys? They don't fit lol

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30.5 mm is for buttons not pipe
But that doesn’t look like an oil tight KO.
I have an older set and it doesn’t look like that one. Does work like a champ.

His is just a plain slug buster
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What kind is yours? I have two and they are both slug buster.
An older version of this. Just for the 30mm oil tight. Love my Square D switches, notch and all. They will out last me

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The other KO set is all slug busters.
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I just use the 30.5 slugbuster and the greenlee notch nibbler.
Ok, i use a vintage Greenlee OT KO. It’s a 60249.
Haven't used it for awhile, but today I broke it out.
Maybe I’ll have to get a battery powered tool, that w ratchet is getting old like me.
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60249 is the die only. 60242 is the complete unit.

They look to be a tad pricey as well unless you have lots of KO's to make. I see there's a stud for battery/hydraulic available, 60167.
I’ve had it about 10 years and it worked good this morning. Starting to get a little dull, but after so many holes it paid for itself.
I used to use a KO and file and then switched to the nibbler. But that got old after so many years. For my last couple of years I need that battery punch.
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