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30.5mm KO

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What am I missing here boys? They don't fit lol

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Just crank it down, it's a KO, use it to make the hole bigger. Hahaha. Mis-labeled for sure
What is the notch nibbler? I use a jigsaw to make the notch and it is hard to keep it accurate.

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This is the one i have from klein. Its no longer in production. I just put it where the notch needs to be. Sqweeze the handles and it nibbles a little square notch out of the metal. Continue like sissors to make the notch longer or wider. Works like a punch, you must have an edge or hole to nibble on. Edit: They also work great for removong the little piece of metal sometimes left from a factory KO when you wiggle them.
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It fit perfectly in a 1" die. I emailed Greenlee a few days ago no response. I can't imagine it being a knockoff cause I ordered it from grainger.

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I would have already returned it to Granger and had a new one
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