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347 volt lighting controller

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A building outside light MH 347 volt (canadian) connectted directly to circuit breaker (24 hours). I couldn't find any timer for 347 volt circuit DPST.

In electrical room there isn't any 120 volt panel.
I found a Photocell from Lumatrol for 347 volt, but beside that, can I wire in electrical room in a box with relay contactor and a transformer for 120 volt timer or some otherway.
Please advise

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Sounds like a contactor with a 120v coil is a good way to start off.
Or a 347/24Vac transformer and a 24v photocell (Omron makes a pricey one) or a 24v timer (Intermatic makes one) ; all mounted local to the fixture.

You'll still need a contactor too.
Thanks randomkiller and BryanMD for your quick respond.
Actually, I have two circuits each 5x 70W MH. Installing just a 347 volt photocell in each circuit make the job done. But If I have to use a timer DPST for 347 volt circuit which I can't find, I have to use a Transformer 347volt to 120 volt or lower as you said 24 volt to get timer hooked up and a 2-pole contactor with 120 or 24 volt coil. (Well it is easier to work in electrical room than working outside installing photocells, but the cost would be much higher). Summary I think I will go with photocell (347 volt 3 wires), just I have to find the feed where is accessible outside to cut and put a junction box.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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