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400 Amp Meter Main 1969

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Hi, please look at the two pictures. I think this is a 400 amp meter main. There are 4 Federal Pacific 100 amp disconnect switches in the garage, directly behind this meter main, which provides the disconnect for this equipment.
What is the yellow device in the middle of the picture? What is the u-shaped equipment that connects the left side line side to the load side bus? The right side of the equipment it appears the line side bus and load side bus are not connected. I think the #12 conductors tapped off of the bus is for the meter, which leads me to think this yellow device is some sort of current or voltage transformer, however it does not look like a transformer. Please help with determining how this equipment operates. Would removing the meter de-energize the load side? See pics. Thank you.


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Only one way to verify- open that secondary. No don't . I'm joking. What you should do here is call the poco to cut power to the building while you install a new service and bring it up to date. Get rid of the FPE equipment while you are at it. I think it is a 200 amp service , go outside and look at the wire from the poco.
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