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400 amp service

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I have a customer with a 400 amp service coming into a 2pole 400 amp disconnect (cat# TJD422400) to a GE 400amp residential main lug electrical panel(ALU1424MB).
He already bought a 20kw kohler generator with a 200amp automatic transfer switch.

(I am trying to get the picture of disconnect on my post)

My questions:

In order to make the auto transfer switch work on such a system, what I think I can do is:
Remove one set of the 200amp feeders coming from meter can to 400 amp disconnect switch, and re-feed it into the new automatic transfer switch.

From there, I will/would remove existing 400 amp electrical panel, or should I say remove what circuits I want to be on the generator and install into a separate 200 amp electrical panel.

Does that make sense? your thoughts?
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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