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480V and 24V in the same raceway and/or box

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So we have a control cabinet for a chiller with 480V coming in. Coming out we have 2 480V circuits, and a 24V control wire circuit going to the roof (2 wires on the 24V)

I was told that its legal to put them in the same raceway as long as the insulation is rated the same. Both insulations are rated for 600V so I think I'm good there. Now, if we terminate in a box, I think we're supposed to put a divider to divide the voltages. (According to 404.8(B) I think) My question is this:

If we don't terminate in a box, but rather use it as a pull box (no splices), is it legal to not have a divider?

By the way, they both terminate in another control cabinet on the roof for a cooling tower. No dividers or anything but I think it's kinda silly that in a 1900 deep box I need a divider but in the big cabinet its ok that theyre together? How does this work?
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That sounds interesting. Could you give an example please? I don't think I've ever heard of this
725.130(A) exception 2.

I used to use it all the time to get away with running limit switch controls in the same conduit as power conductors. Basically if you remove all the class 2 labels, use class 1 methods, and it's functionally associated.
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