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600MCM cable for a 400A switch disconnector

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Hi all, I'm new on forum and I would like to ask you for yur opinion about the topic.
I have an OT400 by ABB and in the instruction sheet there is indication for the UL98 minimum enclosure dimensions but only with cable up to 350MCM.
According to ABB catalogue the terminal lug to be used is a 600MCM one.

I don't understand why in the instruction sheet there is no 600MCM minimum distances.

Anyone had the same issue? Maybe ABB doesn't print in the instruction sheet the 600MCM distances bcause it is not used for 400A applications? Is it preferred the use of 2x300/350MCM?

Thank you in advance!!!:biggrin:
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It gets really expensive for conductors when they get very large so parallel with smaller conductors is often the case. It may very well be for that reason as you also stated.

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Im going to just assume that Switch is in an MCC.
I suspect the bending radius might be somewhat limited and parallel 350s is going to be the max size the assembly is listed for.

It seems like we too get screwed by this once in a while and just have buy lugs that will work and hope someone doesn't notice. :wink:

Alternately, you can install a JB and splice parallel 300s on your 600s and be all nice and Kosher. :smile:

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Please fill out your profile so we can give you relevant answers.
I complete the profile :smile: since I'm not expert in US standards I would like to have some clarification about from professionals in this field located in the US. For this reason my knowledge and I think also my English are not so good :smile:
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