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8Kw Generac E-Z Switch Monitoring

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I have a Generac 8Kw with EZ- transfer sw. All works fine but was wondering how 194 and 23 (12v) could be used for automation control. When gen is calling for transfer, 194 is grounded (or vice versa- I don't recall). I need an output from either the generator or switch to send a signal for automation control feedback telling me that the switch transferred to generator power. This could either be a NO/ NC or +12v etc; something to tell me the switch transferred. I don't really need to know if the generator started or not. I think 23 and 194 would be the best place or I could add a micro sw to the transfer relay and pick up that signal. Any suggestions? Anyone done something similar?
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If one side is grounded when it switches and isn't when not then could you add a relay or some sort and tie the grounded in the A2 side of the coil and the 12v on the A1? Kind of like npn, the coil will not engage until it sees a ground, or 0v.

Just thinking in the fly, I've never heard good on those generators so I stay away.
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