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A big howdy to you all!

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I'm a new member here at ElectricianTalk.com as well as to the electrical field. My boss, you all know 'em as P_Logix, would surely tell you that I'm as green as Shrek's taint! I really enjoy reading the general electrical discussion forum. One day I hope to have enough know-how to be able to post threads with the big dawgs! Until then I'll just keep reading what you guys write and try to learn as much as possible. Thanks!

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Hey newbie glad you finally joined. Pay attention and read as their is a lot of good stuff discussed on this forum, hopefully some of it will pay off in your work performance. Anyway glad to see you here!
Welcome...I didn't ever think Shrek had a taint. are those cartoons anatomically correct?
Now that you have me thinking about cartoons in a wierd way, welcome to the board.
Welcome to the forum

Welcome I hope you find something you can use.;)
P logic. I have told all my employees about this site, they shrug their shoulders and say SO? Good to see some interest.
Greetings and welcome!
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Even some of us that have been in the trade awhile learn here, at least I do. Greetings
Rule# 1

Don't ever drop names.:whistling2:
#2 Never reveal your source.
What happens where ever stays where ever.

Your probably a great guy and you are now working for a great guy.


Oh ya, Welcome to the forums, enjoy contribute and learn!!!!!!!!!

I've told co-workers about this site, and no one is interested. :rolleyes: Good to see a new guy willing to go the extra mile to learn. :thumbsup:
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