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Hi guys, I know that there's a lot of threads discussing the interview, but I couldn't find answers to these specific questions, and would be quite grateful if you could help me out.

The first question is, should I take copies of my resume to the interview? It isn't mentioned on the letter I received (the one that gives the time and date for the interview), but I have seen others mention taking it to the interview. I know it's pretty much required for a normal interview, but I've never done a committee interview.

The second question: I know that the topic of what to wear at the interview is one that creates endless debate. The local JATC's website states that we need to wear "nice business casual to the interview", but the training director (who sits at the interview) told us that clean jeans and a nice button-up long sleeve shirt is fine. My instinct is to wear business casual, because it's an important interview. Do you guys think it would reflect poorly on me if I did so?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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