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Good Morning,

I am applying for a woman's 17 week pre-apprenticeship program in Edmonton, AB. As part of my application I need to conduct short interviews with 3 Journeymen Electricians.

I have attempted to contact electrical companies, the local union etc. but have had very little luck in having anyone get back to me. It is my hope that someone on here may be able to take the time to give me a short interview and answer some questions in respect of working as an electrician. Preferably someone in Alberta if possible.

If someone could take a moment to answer some questions for me I would greatly appreciate it!


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How many questions? Maybe post them and someone will get back to you with the answers via the private message app here.

You might need a few posts before you can receive messages but a mod could probably fix that.

There are a few from Alberta here.

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I just need their name, Company they work for and then the questions are as follows:

What are the hours of work like? Shifts, weekends, overtime etc.

Do you work in Res, Comm or Industrial and what are some examples of things you do on the job.

What are some of the physical expectations? Strength, fitness level, challenges

Occupational Health & Safety Considerations. What are some health risks, long term effects, work/life balance.

What do you like most about your job? The least?

Are you in the Union? Why or why not?
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