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I am testing for both ABC SoCal and SDETT at the beginning of next month. I applied for the Low Voltage Apprenticeship at ABC SoCal and the Inside Wireman Apprenticeship at SDETT. Originally, I went into ABC SoCal for their Electrical Apprenticeship program, but HR said there is a 1-3 year wait to get in and I honestly can't wait that long. I was also interested in the Low Voltage Apprenticeship, so I changed it because she said she could get me in within the month. That same day I went into SDETT and applied for their Inside Wiremen program and HR said I can come sit on standby for the test, there are 10 tests in 5 days, because 10% of the applicants don't show up for testing and I will get a seat. Anyways, I am curious about which program will be more beneficial for me and my family?

What's the real truth behind working union and nonunion?

Pros and Cons?

I have heard great things about ABC Socal but not so much about SDETT. I would love to hear your personal experience with working union or nonunion. I have already been through the hiring process for LAETT Local 11. I was offered the job and then they put it on hold. Which it probably for the best because the traffic is horrible and I do not want to move my family to Los Angeles.

Thank You!
You cannot compare the two directly.
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